Full Dentures

Full Upper & Lower Dentures

Full Upper & Lower Dentures

Full Upper & Lower Dentures

Full Upper & Lower Dentures

Full Upper with a Metal Palate

Full Upper with a Metal Palate

  • Dentures are usually made from acrylic , or a combination of acrylic & metal

  • To replace all missing teeth

  • Dentures usually last between 8-10 years, and do need routine maintenance

  • Allows you to eat & speak again – things that people take for granted, until you lose all your teeth

  • Are supported by the soft & hard tissues of the oral cavity

  • Help give a natural appearance to the face, and gives support to the lips and cheeks which can become drawn in by the loss of natural teeth

  • Dentures also give the wearer more confidence by giving the wearer:

    • – The ability to chew food better

    • – The ability to interact socially with others

    • – The ability to smile again


  • Choice of either pink or clear palate is available

  • Allows the natural palatal tones to show through the clear palate

  • Gives a more ‘natural’ appearance when visible to other people


  • Gives extra strength to the dentures

  • Full metal palate can be placed in the upper denture

  • Metal mesh insert can be used in either upper, lower or both dentures

  • People who often break their dentures may be wise to use this method. The added strength of the metal often does not allow for the denture to break in half

  • The use of a metal palate (chrome cobalt) in the full upper denture gives the wearer more room for the tongue, as the metal is alot thinner (virtually paper thin) then a conventional acrylic denture