How To Clean Dentures

Dentures should be rinsed with warm water. It is a good idea to half fill the basin with water, preventing the denture breaking if accidentally dropped. Simple rinsing will not thoroughly clean your dentures. You need to use a denture brush, with warm water and soap. NEVER use toothpaste, as it is too abrasive, and will scratch your dentures, which will wear down the denture surface, and will allow bacteria to attach itself.

Denture cleansers are a good idea to use (recommended), as most bacteria is invisible to the eye. When used in conjunction with an ultra-sonic cleaner, the build up of food particles and plaque can be gently vibrated away from your denture.

When cleaning dentures, especially the lower denture, NEVER place it in the palm of your hand (Fig. 1), as you could squeeze it and break it in half. Hold it with two fingers and the thumb (Fig. 2).


  • Your dentures should be checked by your Dental Practitioner every 2-3 years, even if they feel comfortable

  • Dentures may need relining to refit to your gums to compensate for natural shrinkage

  • Denture cleaners and adhesives may be used

Denture Care

As you would do with your natural teeth, dentures also need to be cleaned, both morning and night. This helps remove plaque and other food particles that may build up.

Even if the plaque is not visible, it may irritate your gums. Dentures need to be cleaned on the edges (or on the gum line), and wherever any remaining natural teeth meet the gums. This is most important as plaque and other food particles tend to build up in these areas. By not cleaning dentures, they can become permanently stained, may cause bad breath, and is mostly unhygienic.

Denture Cleaning

Denture Cleaning Don'ts

Denture Cleaning Don'ts

Denture Cleaning Do's

Denture Cleaning Do's

Denture Cleansers

Denture Cleansers

Denture Cleaning Do’s & Don’ts:


  • Clean daily, preferably after every meal if possible

  • Use denture brush with soap and warm water

  • Use denture cleansers (recommended), suitable for both full and partial dentures

  • Ultra-sonic baths gently vibrate build up from your denture (good idea to invest in one)


  • Use toothpaste – it is too abrasive

  • Use bleaching agents – can cause discolouring and unnatural looking teeth

  • Scrub too hard on your dentures – can cause unnecessary wear and tear on the denture base resulting in a loose set of dentures